Image processing
  • A set of graphic functions for simple drawings and graphical user interface for Vision Components cameras
  • Easy for use and integration
  • Supports mouse, keyboard and touch-screen input
  • Multicolor
  • Supports foreign language fonts
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3D GUI lib - demo pack [zip]

1.592 K 


The package contains high-level GUI functions, which can be used to create graphical user interface (GUI) in your application. It also contains low-level drawing functions, which allow general-purpose drawings inside or outside GUI windows.

There are two groups of GUI elements:

  • Active GUI elements, which react to mouse or keyboard commands window, button, edit, spin, radio-button menu, check-box.
  • Passive GUI elements, which just draw but do not process user commands text, frame, log-box.

High-level GUI elements are moved together with windows, low-level drawings are static.

Using the package is fairly simple. You work in plain C. Your program must initialize the package by tg_init() on entry, specify type of user input commands (mouse or keyboard input), and close the package by tg_exit() before exit. GUI elements are created (displayed) by single function calls. Passing of user commands to all GUI elements in current window is performed by one function, executed in a loop.

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